Anticheat Client Code Generation

I was streaming myself making an anticheat from scratch and I came up with a neat little code generator to help randomize client packets (to make them a little harder to find when scanning w/ memory). Here are the streams. If you have free time and need background noise I HIGHLY recommend listening to these, I talk out a lot of logic when developing the anticheat that could be vital to protecting your server.

I started by breaking checks into two types, Single-Threaded and Self-Threaded.

Single Threaded
Very basic checks, these do not need their own loops and require no delay.

Self ThreadedThese are not that basic, requiring waits, sleeps, or loops to work.

Here are some examples.

So the key to the generator is randomizing the order that the checks are placed in. This is what makes each payload “unique” and thereby harder to scanย  for w/ a memory cheat, albeit not by much. the _randomize function randomizes the parameters and puts them into an array.

That last thing I do is finish tying all of the payload parts together with the following.

As you can see, I go through each Self Threaded check and add it into the _anticheat_mainbody and then add a while loop with a delay that contains the Single Threaded checks.

Just a neat tip, I didn’t go into much detail here because I posted the stream. If you have free time and want to watch me code, there you go ๐Ÿ™‚

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