How to host your own Gyazo Server


VISUAL STUDIO 2010+ (i used 2015)
Web Files (available here
Gyazowin Source (available here (VS2015-2017 compatible project hereĀ
Gyazo fully installed (available here

1) edit Web Files CONFIG.php with your domain name (if u wanna include a subfolder go ahead)
2) upload Web Files to your website
3) Open Gyazowin in visual studio
3) find this code and replace it UPLOAD_SERVER with your domain and UPLOAD_PATH with the path to gyazo.php
4) Compile this exe
5) Replace gyazowin.exe with your new exe (test it works before doing this)
6) Copy GyazoGIF.exe into your documents folder
7) open “Developer Command Prompt for VS201X”
8) type ildasm.exe and press enter
9) File -> Open | Open the GyazoGIF.exe from your documents
10)File -> Dump | Dump it as into your documents
11)Open in notepad++ or another text editor
12)Replace with your own domain and path to gyazogif.php
13)Do the same for the team url
14)Save and close this
15)Go back to the command prompt
16)Navigate to your documents (cd C:\Users\USERNAME_HERE\Documents)
17)type ilasm.exe /EXE /RESOURCE=NewGIF.res
18)Go back to your documents
19)Delete GyazoGIF.exe
20)Rename NewGIF.exe to GyazoGIF.exe
21)Replace the original GyazoGIF.exe with the edited one.
22) Enjoy

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