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ActionConsume Class Reference

#include <ActionConsume.h>

Inheritance diagram for ActionConsume:
ActionOnConsciousSelfContinuousQuantity ActionDrink ActionEat ActionEatCharcoalTablets ActionEatPainkillerTablets ActionEatPurificationTablets ActionEatTetracyclineAntibiotics ActionEatVitaminBottle ActionDrinkAlcohol ActionDrinkDisinfectant ActionDrinkDisinfectant2

Private Member Functions

void  ActionConsume ()
int  GetType ()
string  GetText ()
bool  OnComplete (PlayerBase player, Object target, ItemBase item, float consumedquantity)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void ActionConsume::ActionConsume ( )

Member Function Documentation

int ActionConsume::GetType ( )

References AT_CONSUME.

string ActionConsume::GetText ( )
bool ActionConsume::OnComplete ( PlayerBase  player,
Object  target,
ItemBase  item,
float  consumedquantity 

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