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InventoryItem Class Reference

#include <gameplay.h>

Inheritance diagram for InventoryItem:
EntityAI ItemBase BaseBuildingBase BatteryCharger CableReel Clothing Consumable_Paper Crafting_WoodenStick EN5C_Book_Base EN5C_BurlapSackCover EN5C_CarBattery EN5C_Container_Base EN5C_Defibrillator EN5C_DiggedSoil EN5C_Edible_Base EN5C_FenceLight EN5C_FireplaceBase EN5C_Firewood EN5C_FishingRod_Base EN5C_Flashlight EN5C_Grenade_Base EN5C_HescoBox EN5C_PlantBase EN5C_Powered_Base EN5C_Rag EN5C_SeedPackBase EN5C_Stone EN5C_Trap_Base EN5C_Tripod EN5C_WoodenStick EN5C_WorldContainer_Base EnergyItem_Base GardenBase ItemBook ItemCompass ItemGPS ItemGrenade ItemMap ItemMegaphone ItemOptics ItemSuppressor ItemTransmitter ItemWatch KnifeBase Magazine PileOfWoodenPlanks PowerGenerator Spotlight TentBase TrapBase TrapSpawnBase Weapon

Private Member Functions

proto void  SwitchOn (bool onOff)
  Some inventoryItem devices can be switched on/off (radios, transmitters) More...
proto bool  IsOn ()
  Some inventoryItem devices can be switched on/off (radios, transmitters) More...
void  EEUsed (Man owner)
event bool  OnUseFromInventory (Man owner)
string  GetTooltip ()
  Get tooltip text. More...
bool  IsInventoryItem ()

Member Function Documentation

proto void InventoryItem::SwitchOn ( bool  onOff )
proto bool InventoryItem::IsOn ( )

Some inventoryItem devices can be switched on/off (radios, transmitters)

void InventoryItem::EEUsed ( Man  owner )
event bool InventoryItem::OnUseFromInventory ( Man  owner )
string InventoryItem::GetTooltip ( )

Get tooltip text.

References Object::ConfigGetString().

Referenced by UpdateItemInfo().

bool InventoryItem::IsInventoryItem ( )

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