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ModuleConfigViewer Class Reference

#include <ModuleConfigViewer.h>

Inheritance diagram for ModuleConfigViewer:

Private Member Functions

void  ModuleConfigViewer ()
private string  MakeTabs (int count, bool inheritance=false)
private string  GetOnlyChildPath (string config_class_path, string class_path)
private string  GetBaseClassPath (string config_class_path, string class_path, string config_class)
private string  GetBaseClassPathCombined (string child_path, string base_class)
private string  GetBaseClassPathRecursive (local string config_class_path, local string class_path, local string config_class)
private bool  ContainsFirstClass (string config_class_path, string class_path)
private TStringArray  GetConfigRecursive (local string path, local string name, local string config_class_path, local string config_class, local array< string > overridden, local int depth=0, local bool check_base_class_of_class=false)
private TStringArray  GetConfig (string class_path, string filter_char)
TStringArray  GetConfigVariables (string class_path)
TStringArray  GetConfigHierarchy (string class_path)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void ModuleConfigViewer::ModuleConfigViewer ( )

Member Function Documentation

string ModuleConfigViewer::MakeTabs ( int  count,
bool  inheritance = false 

Referenced by GetConfig(), and GetConfigRecursive().

string ModuleConfigViewer::GetOnlyChildPath ( string  config_class_path,
string  class_path 

References strlen(), substr(), and trim().

Referenced by GetBaseClassPath().

string ModuleConfigViewer::GetBaseClassPath ( string  config_class_path,
string  class_path,
string  config_class 
string ModuleConfigViewer::GetBaseClassPathCombined ( string  child_path,
string  base_class 

References strstroff(), and substr().

Referenced by GetConfigRecursive().

string ModuleConfigViewer::GetBaseClassPathRecursive ( local string  config_class_path,
local string  class_path,
local string  config_class 
bool ModuleConfigViewer::ContainsFirstClass ( string  config_class_path,
string  class_path 
TStringArray ModuleConfigViewer::GetConfigRecursive ( local string  path,
local string  name,
local string  config_class_path,
local string  config_class,
local array< string >  overridden,
local int  depth = 0,
local bool  check_base_class_of_class = false 
TStringArray ModuleConfigViewer::GetConfig ( string  class_path,
string  filter_char 
TStringArray ModuleConfigViewer::GetConfigVariables ( string  class_path )

References GetConfig().

Referenced by ScriptConsole::RenderVariables().

TStringArray ModuleConfigViewer::GetConfigHierarchy ( string  class_path )

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