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WoodBase Class Reference

WoodBase, super class of trees and bushes. More...

#include <WoodBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for WoodBase:
Plant BushHard BushSoft TreeHard TreeSoft BushHard_b_canina2s BushHard_b_canina2s BushHard_b_sambucus BushHard_b_sambucus TreeHard_t_acer2s TreeHard_t_acer2s TreeHard_t_fagus2f TreeHard_t_fagus2f TreeSoft_t_malus1s TreeSoft_t_malus1s

Private Member Functions

void  WoodBase ()
bool  IsWoodBase ()
int  GetAmountOfDrops (ItemBase item)
string  GetMaterial (ItemBase item)
int  GetAmountOfMaterialPerDrop (ItemBase item)
float  GetDamageToMiningItemEachDrop (ItemBase item)

Detailed Description

WoodBase, super class of trees and bushes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

void WoodBase::WoodBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool WoodBase::IsWoodBase ( )
int WoodBase::GetAmountOfDrops ( ItemBase  item )
string WoodBase::GetMaterial ( ItemBase  item )
int WoodBase::GetAmountOfMaterialPerDrop ( ItemBase  item )
float WoodBase::GetDamageToMiningItemEachDrop ( ItemBase  item )

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