DayZ Enforce
Script API


const int  EEKilled = 0x00000000
const int  EEHit = 0x00000001
const int  EEEngine = 0x00000002
const int  EEGetIn = 0x00000003
const int  EEGetOut = 0x00000004
const int  EEFired = 0x00000005
const int  EEFiredNear = 0x00000006
const int  EEIncomingMissile = 0x00000007
const int  EEDammaged = 0x00000008
const int  EEGear = 0x00000009
const int  EEFuel = 0x0000000a
const int  EEAnimChanged = 0x0000000b
const int  EEAnimDone = 0x0000000c
const int  EEInit = 0x0000000d
const int  EEThrown = 0x0000000e
const int  EEDelete = 0x0000000f
const int  EELandedTouchDown = 0x00000010
const int  EELandedStopped = 0x00000011
const int  EEHandleDamage = 0x00000012
const int  EEHitPart = 0x00000013
const int  EESuppressed = 0x00000014
const int  EEAttachTo = 0x00000015
const int  EEHandleHeal = 0x00000016
const int  EEHandleIdentity = 0x00000017
const int  EEAnimStateChanged = 0x00000018
const int  EELocal = 0x00000019
const int  EESelectedActionChanged = 0x0000001a
const int  EESelectedActionPerformed = 0x0000001b
const int  EESelectedRotorLibActionChanged = 0x0000001c
const int  EESelectedRotorLibActionPerformed = 0x0000001d
const int  EEControlsShifted = 0x0000001e
const int  EEPowerOn = 0x0000001f
const int  EEPowerOff = 0x00000020
const int  EEItemAttached = 0x00000021
const int  EEItemDetached = 0x00000022
const int  EECargoIn = 0x00000023
const int  EECargoOut = 0x00000024
const int  EECargoMove = 0x00000025
const int  EEItemIntoHands = 0x00000026
const int  EEItemOutOfHands = 0x00000027
const int  EEItemLocationChanged = 0x00000028
const int  EEInventoryIn = 0x00000029
const int  EEInventoryOut = 0x0000002a
const int  EEInventoryLocked = 0x0000002b
const int  EEInventoryUnlocked = 0x0000002c
const int  EEVariableSynchronized = 0x0000002d
const int  EEUsed = 0x0000002e
const int  EEAnimHook = 0x0000002f
const int  EERestore = 0x00000030
const int  EEOnEnter = 0x00000031
const int  EEOnLeave = 0x00000032

Detailed Description

Variable Documentation

const int EEKilled = 0x00000000
const int EEHit = 0x00000001
const int EEEngine = 0x00000002
const int EEGetIn = 0x00000003
const int EEGetOut = 0x00000004
const int EEFired = 0x00000005
const int EEFiredNear = 0x00000006
const int EEIncomingMissile = 0x00000007
const int EEDammaged = 0x00000008
const int EEGear = 0x00000009
const int EEFuel = 0x0000000a
const int EEAnimChanged = 0x0000000b
const int EEAnimDone = 0x0000000c
const int EEInit = 0x0000000d
const int EEThrown = 0x0000000e
const int EEDelete = 0x0000000f
const int EELandedTouchDown = 0x00000010
const int EELandedStopped = 0x00000011
const int EEHandleDamage = 0x00000012
const int EEHitPart = 0x00000013
const int EESuppressed = 0x00000014
const int EEAttachTo = 0x00000015
const int EEHandleHeal = 0x00000016
const int EEHandleIdentity = 0x00000017
const int EEAnimStateChanged = 0x00000018
const int EELocal = 0x00000019
const int EESelectedActionChanged = 0x0000001a
const int EESelectedActionPerformed = 0x0000001b
const int EESelectedRotorLibActionChanged = 0x0000001c
const int EESelectedRotorLibActionPerformed = 0x0000001d
const int EEControlsShifted = 0x0000001e
const int EEPowerOn = 0x0000001f
const int EEPowerOff = 0x00000020
const int EEItemAttached = 0x00000021
const int EEItemDetached = 0x00000022
const int EECargoIn = 0x00000023
const int EECargoOut = 0x00000024
const int EECargoMove = 0x00000025
const int EEItemIntoHands = 0x00000026
const int EEItemOutOfHands = 0x00000027
const int EEItemLocationChanged = 0x00000028
const int EEInventoryIn = 0x00000029
const int EEInventoryOut = 0x0000002a
const int EEInventoryLocked = 0x0000002b
const int EEInventoryUnlocked = 0x0000002c
const int EEVariableSynchronized = 0x0000002d
const int EEUsed = 0x0000002e
const int EEAnimHook = 0x0000002f
const int EERestore = 0x00000030
const int EEOnEnter = 0x00000031
const int EEOnLeave = 0x00000032

Referenced by Trigger::OnLeave().

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