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Script API
data saving to files


const int  CFG_ARRAY_ITEMS_MAX = 64
const string  CFG_FILE_FIXED_PROFILE = "Scripts/profile_fixed.cfg"
const string  CFG_FILE_USER_PROFILE = "$profile:profile.cfg"
const string  CFG_FILE_SEARCH_HISTORY = "$profile:search_history.history"
const string  CFG_FILE_SQF_HISTORY = "$profile:script_sqf.history"
const string  CFG_FILE_ENS_HISTORY = "$profile:script_enscript.history"
const string  CFG_FILE_SCRIPT_LOG = "$profile:script.log"
const string  CFG_FILE_SCRIPT_LOG_EXT = "$profile:scriptExt.log"

Detailed Description

constants for saving local datas

Variable Documentation

const int CFG_ARRAY_ITEMS_MAX = 64
const string CFG_FILE_FIXED_PROFILE = "Scripts/profile_fixed.cfg"
const string CFG_FILE_USER_PROFILE = "$profile:profile.cfg"
const string CFG_FILE_SEARCH_HISTORY = "$profile:search_history.history"
const string CFG_FILE_SQF_HISTORY = "$profile:script_sqf.history"
const string CFG_FILE_ENS_HISTORY = "$profile:script_enscript.history"
const string CFG_FILE_SCRIPT_LOG = "$profile:script.log"
const string CFG_FILE_SCRIPT_LOG_EXT = "$profile:scriptExt.log"

Referenced by Debug::GetFileName().

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