DayZ Enforce
Script API


const int  UAMoveForward = 0x00000000
const int  UAMoveBack = 0x00000001
const int  UATurnLeft = 0x00000002
const int  UATurnRight = 0x00000003
const int  UAMoveUp = 0x00000004
const int  UAMoveDown = 0x00000005
const int  UAMoveFastForward = 0x00000006
const int  UAMoveSlowForward = 0x00000007
const int  UAMoveLeft = 0x00000008
const int  UAMoveRight = 0x00000009
const int  UAEvasiveForward = 0x0000000a
const int  UAEvasiveLeft = 0x0000000b
const int  UAEvasiveRight = 0x0000000c
const int  UAEvasiveBack = 0x0000000d
const int  UAStand = 0x0000000e
const int  UACrouch = 0x0000000f
const int  UAProne = 0x00000010
const int  UALeanLeft = 0x00000011
const int  UALeanRight = 0x00000012
const int  UALeanLeftToggle = 0x00000013
const int  UALeanRightToggle = 0x00000014
const int  UAWalkRunToggle = 0x00000015
const int  UAWalkRunTemp = 0x00000016
const int  UAToggleWeapons = 0x00000017
const int  UAFire = 0x00000018
const int  UADefaultAction = 0x00000019
const int  UAReloadMagazine = 0x0000001a
const int  UALockTargets = 0x0000001b
const int  UALockEmptyTargets = 0x0000001c
const int  UALockTarget = 0x0000001d
const int  UARevealTarget = 0x0000001e
const int  UATempRaiseWeapon = 0x0000001f
const int  UAToggleRaiseWeapon = 0x00000020
const int  UAPrevAction = 0x00000021
const int  UANextAction = 0x00000022
const int  UAAction = 0x00000023
const int  UAActionContext = 0x00000024
const int  UAActionFreeLook = 0x00000025
const int  UAThrowitem = 0x00000026
const int  UADropitem = 0x00000027
const int  UAMoveItemFromHandsToInventory = 0x00000028
const int  UAHeadlights = 0x00000029
const int  UANightVision = 0x0000002a
const int  UAMiniMap = 0x0000002b
const int  UAMiniMapToggle = 0x0000002c
const int  UAShowMap = 0x0000002d
const int  UAHideMap = 0x0000002e
const int  UAHelp = 0x0000002f
const int  UATimeInc = 0x00000030
const int  UATimeDec = 0x00000031
const int  UAOptics = 0x00000032
const int  UAOpticsMode = 0x00000033
const int  UAPersonView = 0x00000034
const int  UATacticalView = 0x00000035
const int  UALiteUnitInfoToggle = 0x00000036
const int  UAZoomIn = 0x00000037
const int  UAZoomInToggle = 0x00000038
const int  UAZoomOut = 0x00000039
const int  UAZoomOutToggle = 0x0000003a
const int  UAZoomContIn = 0x0000003b
const int  UAZoomContOut = 0x0000003c
const int  UAZoomInOptics = 0x0000003d
const int  UAZoomOutOptics = 0x0000003e
const int  UAZeroingUp = 0x0000003f
const int  UAZeroingDown = 0x00000040
const int  UALookAround = 0x00000041
const int  UALookAroundToggle = 0x00000042
const int  UALookLeftDown = 0x00000043
const int  UALookDown = 0x00000044
const int  UALookRightDown = 0x00000045
const int  UALookLeft = 0x00000046
const int  UALookCenter = 0x00000047
const int  UALookRight = 0x00000048
const int  UALookLeftUp = 0x00000049
const int  UALookUp = 0x0000004a
const int  UALookRightUp = 0x0000004b
const int  UALookLeftCont = 0x0000004c
const int  UALookRightCont = 0x0000004d
const int  UALookDownCont = 0x0000004e
const int  UALookUpCont = 0x0000004f
const int  UALookShiftLeftCont = 0x00000050
const int  UALookShiftRightCont = 0x00000051
const int  UALookShiftUpCont = 0x00000052
const int  UALookShiftDownCont = 0x00000053
const int  UALookShiftForwardCont = 0x00000054
const int  UALookShiftBackCont = 0x00000055
const int  UALookRollLeftCont = 0x00000056
const int  UALookRollRightCont = 0x00000057
const int  UALookShiftLeft = 0x00000058
const int  UALookShiftRight = 0x00000059
const int  UALookShiftUp = 0x0000005a
const int  UALookShiftDown = 0x0000005b
const int  UALookShiftForward = 0x0000005c
const int  UALookShiftBack = 0x0000005d
const int  UALookRollLeft = 0x0000005e
const int  UALookRollRight = 0x0000005f
const int  UALookShiftCenter = 0x00000060
const int  UAFreeHeadMove = 0x00000061
const int  UAPrevChannel = 0x00000062
const int  UANextChannel = 0x00000063
const int  UAChat = 0x00000064
const int  UAVoiceOverNet = 0x00000065
const int  UAPushToTalk = 0x00000066
const int  UAPushToTalkAll = 0x00000067
const int  UAPushToTalkSide = 0x00000068
const int  UAPushToTalkCommand = 0x00000069
const int  UAPushToTalkGroup = 0x0000006a
const int  UAPushToTalkVehicle = 0x0000006b
const int  UAPushToTalkDirect = 0x0000006c
const int  UANetworkStats = 0x0000006d
const int  UANetworkPlayers = 0x0000006e
const int  UADSInterface = 0x0000006f
const int  UATurbo = 0x00000070
const int  UAVehicleTurbo = 0x00000071
const int  UAWalk = 0x00000072
const int  UAHoldBreath = 0x00000073
const int  UASalute = 0x00000074
const int  UASurrender = 0x00000075
const int  UASitDown = 0x00000076
const int  UATaunt = 0x00000077
const int  UAClap = 0x00000078
const int  UAPoint = 0x00000079
const int  UAThumbsUp = 0x0000007a
const int  UAFacePalm = 0x0000007b
const int  UASilence = 0x0000007c
const int  UACutThroat = 0x0000007d
const int  UASuicide = 0x0000007e
const int  UAHeart = 0x0000007f
const int  UAMilitarySalute = 0x00000080
const int  UASitDownRelax = 0x00000081
const int  UASosGesture = 0x00000082
const int  UADanceVictory = 0x00000083
const int  UAThrow = 0x00000084
const int  UAGetOver = 0x00000085
const int  UAAimUp = 0x00000086
const int  UAAimDown = 0x00000087
const int  UAAimLeft = 0x00000088
const int  UAAimRight = 0x00000089
const int  UAAimHeadUp = 0x0000008a
const int  UAAimHeadDown = 0x0000008b
const int  UAAimHeadLeft = 0x0000008c
const int  UAAimHeadRight = 0x0000008d
const int  UAIngamePause = 0x0000008e
const int  UAMenuSelect = 0x0000008f
const int  UAMenuBack = 0x00000090
const int  UAHeliUp = 0x00000091
const int  UAHeliDown = 0x00000092
const int  UAHeliLeft = 0x00000093
const int  UAHeliRight = 0x00000094
const int  UAAirBankLeft = 0x00000095
const int  UAAirBankRight = 0x00000096
const int  UAHeliRudderLeft = 0x00000097
const int  UAHeliRudderRight = 0x00000098
const int  UAHeliForward = 0x00000099
const int  UAHeliBack = 0x0000009a
const int  UAHeliFastForward = 0x0000009b
const int  UAAutoHover = 0x0000009c
const int  UAAutoHoverCancel = 0x0000009d
const int  UAHeliThrottlePos = 0x0000009e
const int  UAHeliThrottleNeg = 0x0000009f
const int  UAHeliCyclicForward = 0x000000a0
const int  UAHeliCyclicBack = 0x000000a1
const int  UAHeliCyclicLeft = 0x000000a2
const int  UAHeliCyclicRight = 0x000000a3
const int  UAHeliCollectiveRaise = 0x000000a4
const int  UAHeliCollectiveLower = 0x000000a5
const int  UAHeliCollectiveRaiseCont = 0x000000a6
const int  UAHeliCollectiveLowerCont = 0x000000a7
const int  UAHeliThrottleIncrease1 = 0x000000a8
const int  UAHeliThrottleDecrease1 = 0x000000a9
const int  UAHeliThrottleIncrease2 = 0x000000aa
const int  UAHeliThrottleDecrease2 = 0x000000ab
const int  UAHeliThrottleIncrease3 = 0x000000ac
const int  UAHeliThrottleDecrease3 = 0x000000ad
const int  UAHeliStarterToggle1 = 0x000000ae
const int  UAHeliStarterToggle2 = 0x000000af
const int  UAHeliStarterToggle3 = 0x000000b0
const int  UAHeliBatteriesToggle = 0x000000b1
const int  UAHeliRotorBrakeToggle = 0x000000b2
const int  UAHeliEnginesToggle = 0x000000b3
const int  UAHeliAPUToggle = 0x000000b4
const int  UAHeliWheelsBrake = 0x000000b5
const int  UAHeliTrimLeft = 0x000000b6
const int  UAHeliTrimRight = 0x000000b7
const int  UAHeliTrimForward = 0x000000b8
const int  UAHeliTrimBackward = 0x000000b9
const int  UAHeliTrimRudderLeft = 0x000000ba
const int  UAHeliTrimRudderRight = 0x000000bb
const int  UASeagullUp = 0x000000bc
const int  UASeagullDown = 0x000000bd
const int  UASeagullForward = 0x000000be
const int  UASeagullBack = 0x000000bf
const int  UASeagullFastForward = 0x000000c0
const int  UACarLeft = 0x000000c1
const int  UACarRight = 0x000000c2
const int  UACarWheelLeft = 0x000000c3
const int  UACarWheelRight = 0x000000c4
const int  UACarForward = 0x000000c5
const int  UACarBack = 0x000000c6
const int  UACarFastForward = 0x000000c7
const int  UACarSlowForward = 0x000000c8
const int  UACarShiftGearUp = 0x000000c9
const int  UACarShiftGearDown = 0x000000ca
const int  UACarAimUp = 0x000000cb
const int  UACarAimDown = 0x000000cc
const int  UACarAimLeft = 0x000000cd
const int  UACarAimRight = 0x000000ce
const int  UACommandLeft = 0x000000cf
const int  UACommandRight = 0x000000d0
const int  UACommandForward = 0x000000d1
const int  UACommandBack = 0x000000d2
const int  UACommandFast = 0x000000d3
const int  UACommandSlow = 0x000000d4
const int  UAVehLockTargets = 0x000000d5
const int  UAVehLockEmptyTargets = 0x000000d6
const int  UASwapGunner = 0x000000d7
const int  UAHeliManualFire = 0x000000d8
const int  UATurnIn = 0x000000d9
const int  UATurnOut = 0x000000da
const int  UACancelAction = 0x000000db
const int  UACommandWatch = 0x000000dc
const int  UAGear = 0x000000dd
const int  UAGetOut = 0x000000de
const int  UAEject = 0x000000df
const int  UALandGear = 0x000000e0
const int  UALandGearUp = 0x000000e1
const int  UAFlapsDown = 0x000000e2
const int  UAFlapsUp = 0x000000e3
const int  UAHelicopterTrimOn = 0x000000e4
const int  UAHelicopterTrimOff = 0x000000e5
const int  UACheat1 = 0x000000e6
const int  UACheat2 = 0x000000e7
const int  UABuldSwitchCamera = 0x000000e8
const int  UABuldFreeLook = 0x000000e9
const int  UABuldSelect = 0x000000ea
const int  UABuldResetCamera = 0x000000eb
const int  UABuldMagnetizePoints = 0x000000ec
const int  UABuldMagnetizePlanes = 0x000000ed
const int  UABuldMagnetizeYFixed = 0x000000ee
const int  UABuldTerrainRaise1m = 0x000000ef
const int  UABuldTerrainRaise10cm = 0x000000f0
const int  UABuldTerrainLower1m = 0x000000f1
const int  UABuldTerrainLower10cm = 0x000000f2
const int  UABuldTerrainRaise5m = 0x000000f3
const int  UABuldTerrainRaise50cm = 0x000000f4
const int  UABuldTerrainLower5m = 0x000000f5
const int  UABuldTerrainLower50cm = 0x000000f6
const int  UABuldTerrainShowNode = 0x000000f7
const int  UABuldSelectionType = 0x000000f8
const int  UABuldLeft = 0x000000f9
const int  UABuldRight = 0x000000fa
const int  UABuldForward = 0x000000fb
const int  UABuldBack = 0x000000fc
const int  UABuldMoveLeft = 0x000000fd
const int  UABuldMoveRight = 0x000000fe
const int  UABuldMoveForward = 0x000000ff
const int  UABuldMoveBack = 0x00000100
const int  UABuldTurbo = 0x00000101
const int  UABuldUp = 0x00000102
const int  UABuldDown = 0x00000103
const int  UABuldLookLeft = 0x00000104
const int  UABuldLookRight = 0x00000105
const int  UABuldLookUp = 0x00000106
const int  UABuldLookDown = 0x00000107
const int  UABuldZoomIn = 0x00000108
const int  UABuldZoomOut = 0x00000109
const int  UABuldTextureInfo = 0x0000010a
const int  UADiary = 0x0000010b
const int  UAUser1 = 0x0000010c
const int  UAUser2 = 0x0000010d
const int  UAUser3 = 0x0000010e
const int  UAUser4 = 0x0000010f
const int  UAUser5 = 0x00000110
const int  UAUser6 = 0x00000111
const int  UAUser7 = 0x00000112
const int  UAUser8 = 0x00000113
const int  UAUser9 = 0x00000114
const int  UAUser10 = 0x00000115
const int  UAUser11 = 0x00000116
const int  UAUser12 = 0x00000117
const int  UAUser13 = 0x00000118
const int  UAUser14 = 0x00000119
const int  UAUser15 = 0x0000011a
const int  UAUser16 = 0x0000011b
const int  UAUser17 = 0x0000011c
const int  UAUser18 = 0x0000011d
const int  UAUser19 = 0x0000011e
const int  UAUser20 = 0x0000011f
const int  UAItem0 = 0x00000120
const int  UAItem1 = 0x00000121
const int  UAItem2 = 0x00000122
const int  UAItem3 = 0x00000123
const int  UAItem4 = 0x00000124
const int  UAItem5 = 0x00000125
const int  UAItem6 = 0x00000126
const int  UAItem7 = 0x00000127
const int  UAItem8 = 0x00000128
const int  UAItem9 = 0x00000129
const int  UAItemsShow = 0x0000012a
const int  UAAltTab = 0x0000012b
const int  UAN = 0x0000012c

Detailed Description

constants for user actions

Variable Documentation

const int UAMoveForward = 0x00000000
const int UAMoveBack = 0x00000001
const int UATurnLeft = 0x00000002
const int UATurnRight = 0x00000003
const int UAMoveUp = 0x00000004
const int UAMoveDown = 0x00000005
const int UAMoveFastForward = 0x00000006
const int UAMoveSlowForward = 0x00000007
const int UAMoveLeft = 0x00000008
const int UAMoveRight = 0x00000009
const int UAEvasiveForward = 0x0000000a
const int UAEvasiveLeft = 0x0000000b
const int UAEvasiveRight = 0x0000000c
const int UAEvasiveBack = 0x0000000d
const int UAStand = 0x0000000e
const int UACrouch = 0x0000000f
const int UAProne = 0x00000010
const int UALeanLeft = 0x00000011
const int UALeanRight = 0x00000012
const int UALeanLeftToggle = 0x00000013
const int UALeanRightToggle = 0x00000014
const int UAWalkRunToggle = 0x00000015
const int UAWalkRunTemp = 0x00000016
const int UAToggleWeapons = 0x00000017
const int UAFire = 0x00000018
const int UADefaultAction = 0x00000019
const int UAReloadMagazine = 0x0000001a
const int UALockTargets = 0x0000001b
const int UALockEmptyTargets = 0x0000001c
const int UALockTarget = 0x0000001d
const int UARevealTarget = 0x0000001e
const int UATempRaiseWeapon = 0x0000001f
const int UAToggleRaiseWeapon = 0x00000020
const int UAPrevAction = 0x00000021
const int UANextAction = 0x00000022
const int UAAction = 0x00000023
const int UAActionContext = 0x00000024
const int UAActionFreeLook = 0x00000025
const int UAThrowitem = 0x00000026
const int UADropitem = 0x00000027
const int UAMoveItemFromHandsToInventory = 0x00000028
const int UAHeadlights = 0x00000029
const int UANightVision = 0x0000002a
const int UAMiniMap = 0x0000002b
const int UAMiniMapToggle = 0x0000002c
const int UAShowMap = 0x0000002d
const int UAHideMap = 0x0000002e
const int UAHelp = 0x0000002f
const int UATimeInc = 0x00000030
const int UATimeDec = 0x00000031
const int UAOptics = 0x00000032
const int UAOpticsMode = 0x00000033
const int UAPersonView = 0x00000034
const int UATacticalView = 0x00000035
const int UALiteUnitInfoToggle = 0x00000036
const int UAZoomIn = 0x00000037
const int UAZoomInToggle = 0x00000038
const int UAZoomOut = 0x00000039
const int UAZoomOutToggle = 0x0000003a
const int UAZoomContIn = 0x0000003b
const int UAZoomContOut = 0x0000003c
const int UAZoomInOptics = 0x0000003d
const int UAZoomOutOptics = 0x0000003e
const int UAZeroingUp = 0x0000003f
const int UAZeroingDown = 0x00000040
const int UALookAround = 0x00000041
const int UALookAroundToggle = 0x00000042
const int UALookLeftDown = 0x00000043
const int UALookDown = 0x00000044
const int UALookRightDown = 0x00000045
const int UALookLeft = 0x00000046
const int UALookCenter = 0x00000047
const int UALookRight = 0x00000048
const int UALookLeftUp = 0x00000049
const int UALookUp = 0x0000004a
const int UALookRightUp = 0x0000004b
const int UALookLeftCont = 0x0000004c
const int UALookRightCont = 0x0000004d
const int UALookDownCont = 0x0000004e
const int UALookUpCont = 0x0000004f
const int UALookShiftLeftCont = 0x00000050
const int UALookShiftRightCont = 0x00000051
const int UALookShiftUpCont = 0x00000052
const int UALookShiftDownCont = 0x00000053
const int UALookShiftForwardCont = 0x00000054
const int UALookShiftBackCont = 0x00000055
const int UALookRollLeftCont = 0x00000056
const int UALookRollRightCont = 0x00000057
const int UALookShiftLeft = 0x00000058
const int UALookShiftRight = 0x00000059
const int UALookShiftUp = 0x0000005a
const int UALookShiftDown = 0x0000005b
const int UALookShiftForward = 0x0000005c
const int UALookShiftBack = 0x0000005d
const int UALookRollLeft = 0x0000005e
const int UALookRollRight = 0x0000005f
const int UALookShiftCenter = 0x00000060
const int UAFreeHeadMove = 0x00000061
const int UAPrevChannel = 0x00000062
const int UANextChannel = 0x00000063
const int UAChat = 0x00000064
const int UAVoiceOverNet = 0x00000065
const int UAPushToTalk = 0x00000066
const int UAPushToTalkAll = 0x00000067
const int UAPushToTalkSide = 0x00000068
const int UAPushToTalkCommand = 0x00000069
const int UAPushToTalkGroup = 0x0000006a
const int UAPushToTalkVehicle = 0x0000006b
const int UAPushToTalkDirect = 0x0000006c
const int UANetworkStats = 0x0000006d
const int UANetworkPlayers = 0x0000006e
const int UADSInterface = 0x0000006f
const int UATurbo = 0x00000070
const int UAVehicleTurbo = 0x00000071
const int UAWalk = 0x00000072
const int UAHoldBreath = 0x00000073
const int UASalute = 0x00000074
const int UASurrender = 0x00000075
const int UASitDown = 0x00000076
const int UATaunt = 0x00000077
const int UAClap = 0x00000078
const int UAPoint = 0x00000079
const int UAThumbsUp = 0x0000007a
const int UAFacePalm = 0x0000007b
const int UASilence = 0x0000007c
const int UACutThroat = 0x0000007d
const int UASuicide = 0x0000007e
const int UAHeart = 0x0000007f
const int UAMilitarySalute = 0x00000080
const int UASitDownRelax = 0x00000081
const int UASosGesture = 0x00000082
const int UADanceVictory = 0x00000083
const int UAThrow = 0x00000084
const int UAGetOver = 0x00000085
const int UAAimUp = 0x00000086
const int UAAimDown = 0x00000087
const int UAAimLeft = 0x00000088
const int UAAimRight = 0x00000089
const int UAAimHeadUp = 0x0000008a
const int UAAimHeadDown = 0x0000008b
const int UAAimHeadLeft = 0x0000008c
const int UAAimHeadRight = 0x0000008d
const int UAIngamePause = 0x0000008e
const int UAMenuSelect = 0x0000008f
const int UAMenuBack = 0x00000090
const int UAHeliUp = 0x00000091
const int UAHeliDown = 0x00000092
const int UAHeliLeft = 0x00000093
const int UAHeliRight = 0x00000094
const int UAAirBankLeft = 0x00000095
const int UAAirBankRight = 0x00000096
const int UAHeliRudderLeft = 0x00000097
const int UAHeliRudderRight = 0x00000098
const int UAHeliForward = 0x00000099
const int UAHeliBack = 0x0000009a
const int UAHeliFastForward = 0x0000009b
const int UAAutoHover = 0x0000009c
const int UAAutoHoverCancel = 0x0000009d
const int UAHeliThrottlePos = 0x0000009e
const int UAHeliThrottleNeg = 0x0000009f
const int UAHeliCyclicForward = 0x000000a0
const int UAHeliCyclicBack = 0x000000a1
const int UAHeliCyclicLeft = 0x000000a2
const int UAHeliCyclicRight = 0x000000a3
const int UAHeliCollectiveRaise = 0x000000a4
const int UAHeliCollectiveLower = 0x000000a5
const int UAHeliCollectiveRaiseCont = 0x000000a6
const int UAHeliCollectiveLowerCont = 0x000000a7
const int UAHeliThrottleIncrease1 = 0x000000a8
const int UAHeliThrottleDecrease1 = 0x000000a9
const int UAHeliThrottleIncrease2 = 0x000000aa
const int UAHeliThrottleDecrease2 = 0x000000ab
const int UAHeliThrottleIncrease3 = 0x000000ac
const int UAHeliThrottleDecrease3 = 0x000000ad
const int UAHeliStarterToggle1 = 0x000000ae
const int UAHeliStarterToggle2 = 0x000000af
const int UAHeliStarterToggle3 = 0x000000b0
const int UAHeliBatteriesToggle = 0x000000b1
const int UAHeliRotorBrakeToggle = 0x000000b2
const int UAHeliEnginesToggle = 0x000000b3
const int UAHeliAPUToggle = 0x000000b4
const int UAHeliWheelsBrake = 0x000000b5
const int UAHeliTrimLeft = 0x000000b6
const int UAHeliTrimRight = 0x000000b7
const int UAHeliTrimForward = 0x000000b8
const int UAHeliTrimBackward = 0x000000b9
const int UAHeliTrimRudderLeft = 0x000000ba
const int UAHeliTrimRudderRight = 0x000000bb
const int UASeagullUp = 0x000000bc
const int UASeagullDown = 0x000000bd
const int UASeagullForward = 0x000000be
const int UASeagullBack = 0x000000bf
const int UASeagullFastForward = 0x000000c0
const int UACarLeft = 0x000000c1
const int UACarRight = 0x000000c2
const int UACarWheelLeft = 0x000000c3
const int UACarWheelRight = 0x000000c4
const int UACarForward = 0x000000c5
const int UACarBack = 0x000000c6
const int UACarFastForward = 0x000000c7
const int UACarSlowForward = 0x000000c8
const int UACarShiftGearUp = 0x000000c9
const int UACarShiftGearDown = 0x000000ca
const int UACarAimUp = 0x000000cb
const int UACarAimDown = 0x000000cc
const int UACarAimLeft = 0x000000cd
const int UACarAimRight = 0x000000ce
const int UACommandLeft = 0x000000cf
const int UACommandRight = 0x000000d0
const int UACommandForward = 0x000000d1
const int UACommandBack = 0x000000d2
const int UACommandFast = 0x000000d3
const int UACommandSlow = 0x000000d4
const int UAVehLockTargets = 0x000000d5
const int UAVehLockEmptyTargets = 0x000000d6
const int UASwapGunner = 0x000000d7
const int UAHeliManualFire = 0x000000d8
const int UATurnIn = 0x000000d9
const int UATurnOut = 0x000000da
const int UACancelAction = 0x000000db
const int UACommandWatch = 0x000000dc
const int UAGear = 0x000000dd
const int UAGetOut = 0x000000de
const int UAEject = 0x000000df
const int UALandGear = 0x000000e0
const int UALandGearUp = 0x000000e1
const int UAFlapsDown = 0x000000e2
const int UAFlapsUp = 0x000000e3
const int UAHelicopterTrimOn = 0x000000e4
const int UAHelicopterTrimOff = 0x000000e5
const int UACheat1 = 0x000000e6
const int UACheat2 = 0x000000e7
const int UABuldSwitchCamera = 0x000000e8
const int UABuldFreeLook = 0x000000e9
const int UABuldSelect = 0x000000ea
const int UABuldResetCamera = 0x000000eb
const int UABuldMagnetizePoints = 0x000000ec
const int UABuldMagnetizePlanes = 0x000000ed
const int UABuldMagnetizeYFixed = 0x000000ee
const int UABuldTerrainRaise1m = 0x000000ef
const int UABuldTerrainRaise10cm = 0x000000f0
const int UABuldTerrainLower1m = 0x000000f1
const int UABuldTerrainLower10cm = 0x000000f2
const int UABuldTerrainRaise5m = 0x000000f3
const int UABuldTerrainRaise50cm = 0x000000f4
const int UABuldTerrainLower5m = 0x000000f5
const int UABuldTerrainLower50cm = 0x000000f6
const int UABuldTerrainShowNode = 0x000000f7
const int UABuldSelectionType = 0x000000f8
const int UABuldLeft = 0x000000f9
const int UABuldRight = 0x000000fa
const int UABuldForward = 0x000000fb
const int UABuldBack = 0x000000fc
const int UABuldMoveLeft = 0x000000fd
const int UABuldMoveRight = 0x000000fe
const int UABuldMoveForward = 0x000000ff
const int UABuldMoveBack = 0x00000100
const int UABuldTurbo = 0x00000101
const int UABuldUp = 0x00000102
const int UABuldDown = 0x00000103
const int UABuldLookLeft = 0x00000104
const int UABuldLookRight = 0x00000105
const int UABuldLookUp = 0x00000106
const int UABuldLookDown = 0x00000107
const int UABuldZoomIn = 0x00000108
const int UABuldZoomOut = 0x00000109
const int UABuldTextureInfo = 0x0000010a
const int UADiary = 0x0000010b
const int UAUser1 = 0x0000010c
const int UAUser2 = 0x0000010d
const int UAUser3 = 0x0000010e
const int UAUser4 = 0x0000010f
const int UAUser5 = 0x00000110
const int UAUser6 = 0x00000111
const int UAUser7 = 0x00000112
const int UAUser8 = 0x00000113
const int UAUser9 = 0x00000114
const int UAUser10 = 0x00000115
const int UAUser11 = 0x00000116
const int UAUser12 = 0x00000117
const int UAUser13 = 0x00000118
const int UAUser14 = 0x00000119
const int UAUser15 = 0x0000011a
const int UAUser16 = 0x0000011b
const int UAUser17 = 0x0000011c
const int UAUser18 = 0x0000011d
const int UAUser19 = 0x0000011e
const int UAUser20 = 0x0000011f
const int UAItem0 = 0x00000120
const int UAItem1 = 0x00000121
const int UAItem2 = 0x00000122
const int UAItem3 = 0x00000123
const int UAItem4 = 0x00000124
const int UAItem5 = 0x00000125
const int UAItem6 = 0x00000126
const int UAItem7 = 0x00000127
const int UAItem8 = 0x00000128
const int UAItem9 = 0x00000129
const int UAItemsShow = 0x0000012a
const int UAAltTab = 0x0000012b
const int UAN = 0x0000012c

Referenced by PresetsMenu::OnClick().

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